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St. Augustine

We spent the New Year at St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach. Our friends got married in St. Augustine on the 30th and we had a big party at our rented beach house in St. Augustine Beach. Unfortunately, I was still recovering from the flu, and was not at my optimal energy levels.

Ilan and Melissa Get Married
Ilan and Melissa Get Married
St. Augustine Beach

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Onward to Terrapin Beer Company

Another day, another friend goes to tie the knot. In order to celebrate Steven and Lora’s engagement, we all went up to Athens to hang out at Terrapin and enjoy the scenery. We had a blast.

Terrapin Beer Company
Terrapin Beer Company
Hazy Athens

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Kevin and Lacey get Engaged

Kevin–a colleague from my days at KPMG–asked me to assist him with his proposal. We carefully planned this ‘meeting’ to play out so that he may ask his lovely girlfriend to marry him. I was glad to be part of the event.

Kevin and Lacey
Kevin and Lacey get engagedKevin and Lacey get engaged

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