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Totem Viper Wall is a masterpiece

Totem and Viper have created quite an awesome mural. Check out these two panoramas made by sticking photos taken with my 50mm.

Totem Viper Panorama 1

Totem Viper Panorama 2

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Sope Creek Model Shoot

My friend Jon and I headed over to Sope Creek with his firend Esther. There we found ants, snakes, mosquittoes and a really nice setting to take portraits.



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At the farm again

As I am not an equestrian professional I decided to spend some quality time playing with my 50mm at the farm.




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Florida for the weekend

Went down to Florida to explore the beach, and run after the gators.




Stalking a barn cat

I had quite and adventure running after the barn cat. It was very scared of my camera. However, after much stalking, I befriended the cat. I also took a bunch of horsie pictures.






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