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Denver Adventure Time

My work sent me to Denver, CO, and I had nothing but snow to plow through and vegan food to eat.
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Snowpocalypse 2014

Two years after the devastating, earth-shattering, snow storm of 2011, came this year’s snowpocalypse.
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Mount Rainier, Washington

It seems that every summer vacation we take, we end up doing something somewhere that’s cold. In this case, we went over to Washington to Mount Rainier. On the actual mountain we were confronted with clouds, and lots of snow. Worst part, we never got to see the top of the mountain due to all the cloudiness.

Mount Ranier
Group picture on Mount Ranier
Cloud formation
Mount Ranier
Picnic on Mount Ranier
Even more Wildflowers

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Snowpocalypse – Cabin Fever

The cabin fever has settled in so we had to escape outside, despite the layer of ice on the snow. We thought about going to a bar, but gave up when we realized that it is nearly impossible to leave the neighborhood.

Snowpocalypse - Mon
Snowpocalypse - Karl
Snowpocalypse - Slide
Snowpocalypse - The STI awakens

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Snowpocalypse Cometh

From the wonderful 74-degree-ed Miami we arrived in the snowed in Atlanta. Delta was even nice enough to cancel our return flight, and so we had to fight with them to get on an earlier flight.

Snowpocalypse: The Beginning
Snowpocalypse: ATLiens don't know how to drive
Snowpocalypse: How does one drive?

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