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Adventures at Pine Top

Monica took Bogie to a eventing show this weekend. They kicked butt in both the dressage and the show jumping. Unfortunately, I had to leave early in order to get back to my school projects.

Adventures at Pine Top
Adventures at Pine Top
Adventures at Pine TopMon and BogieBogie
Adventures at Pine Top

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Goin’ down to Ocala, FL

We took Humphrey Bogart down to Ocala, FL so that he may get start his super saiyan training.

On the way to Ocala, FLHumphrey Bogart
Ocala, FL

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At the farm again

As I am not an equestrian professional I decided to spend some quality time playing with my 50mm at the farm.




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Stalking a barn cat

I had quite and adventure running after the barn cat. It was very scared of my camera. However, after much stalking, I befriended the cat. I also took a bunch of horsie pictures.






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