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Back in Paris

We arrived back in Paris in the late afternoon. We dropped our stuff at our crappy hostel and decided to check out the Catacombs and then go to the Tour de France wrapup. The Catacombs decided to close at 4 rather than 5:30 so we went down to Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es to watch the end of the Tour. It was an interesting experience, but I would not recommend it. You see bikes flying down, and have no idea who is in the pack. At night we went on top of this skyscraper for a wonderful view of the city. The next day we spent walking around the city trying to find something to do. It was a Monday, and everything was closed. The weather was crappy, so we spent the day finding presents for everyone back home.

Tour de France!



Bread, for breakfast!


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Dubrovnik part two

After a nice stay in Neum, we headed back to Dubrovnik. It was easier taking a bus there then it was getting to Neum. During our last day we explored the old city, took the city walls tour, and ate at this amazing vegetarian restaurant. Our second stay in Dubrovnik was definitely more enjoyable than our first.







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Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We arrived in Neum a bit later than we wanted to thanks to the horrible way that the bus systems are set up here. We walked from the highway down to our hotel in the hot weather. After getting accomodated, we went for a swim and hung out by the beach walk. Our hotel, Hotel Villa Nova Neum, was awesome. Not only did we have our own private beach, but the staff was really friendly and helpful. The food was awesome too. Anyway, we spent the next day running around the city and swimming. Overall, it was nice coming back here after ten long years.






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Dubrovnik, Croatia

After freezing our butts in the Czech Republic, we arrived in Dubrovnik. It was a nice change of weather and scenery. At first I had a little hard time talking in Croatian, but by the time our taxi dropped us off, I was less hesitant to talk in my native tongue. During our first day, we explored the old town and then had bread and wine for dinner as everything is expensive. I took a short lived swim in the ocean too. At night we met up with my friend Matija who showed us around the old town. The next day we spent the majority of the day at the Dubrovnik’s bus station. Thank you third world country bus lines for such an enjoyable five hour experience. Anyway, here are the photos:






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Prague and Terezin

During our second day in Prague, we purchased tickets to the Prague Palace (PraΕΎskΓ½ hrad) and went through one of the buildings which wasn’t too terribly exciting. We skipped down to the city to figure out how to take the metro to the bus station in order to go to Terezin. It was a difficult and timely process, but we got to the bus station on time and made our way to Terezin. There we explored the concentration camp, which was quite creepy, and got lost trying to find our way back to the bus station.




Yes right HERE!


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