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OMG More Kittens!

OMG Kittens!

We received our fourth litter of kittens and these guys were amongst the cutest.
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Attack of the Siamese Kittens

OMG Kittens!

First you get two kittens. Then you get three. Obviously you go for four the next time.
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Najee and Danika

Danika + Najee

When you move to California, you get two things. An anti-vaccination brochure and your pick of kittens you foster.
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OMG! Kittens!!

James T. Kirk

Monica and I went down to Florida to see the new kittens that my soon-to-be-mother-in-law has adopted. Read the rest of this entry »

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More feline fun

I went to my friends place today to work out as I no longer have a gym membership. As always, he ensured that my workout was painful and that I was limping out from all the weight lifting. After working out, I took some pictures of his cute little cat. By the way, check out the ridicules beard I have.




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