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RoadTrip 2014 – Nevada and California

From the top of Moto Shop

After a week of driving, we finally made it to California.
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RoadTrip 2014 – Utah

Delicate Arch

Utah turned out to be one of the amazing places I have encountered in my life.
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RoadTrip 2014 – Missouri and Colorado

Mount Evans

Our drive has began, and we are totally stoked to travel across the country.
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Big News! We’re moving to California

San Francisco here we come! #Roadtrip2014

During our trip to California, I had an amazing opportunity to interview for Engine Yard. A few weeks later they said yes, and now we’re moving to San Francisco.

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Mount Rainier, Washington

It seems that every summer vacation we take, we end up doing something somewhere that’s cold. In this case, we went over to Washington to Mount Rainier. On the actual mountain we were confronted with clouds, and lots of snow. Worst part, we never got to see the top of the mountain due to all the cloudiness.

Mount Ranier
Group picture on Mount Ranier
Cloud formation
Mount Ranier
Picnic on Mount Ranier
Even more Wildflowers

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