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Orchid and Bogie Come to California

Orchid and Bogie come to California

One of the fun parts of moving across the country is moving horses across the country.
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1st Place at Poplar Place Farm


Monica kicked butt and took names by getting first place in the Novice devision.
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Bogy at Pine Top Farm

This weekend Mon had an event at Pine Top Farm. I had to excuse myself from the numerous projects and homework assignments to attend. However, it was totally worth it as Mon and Bogey placed 1st in their division. While waiting for her to wrap up the last run, I took a few photos with my new IR filter. Unfortunately, only two pictures came out decently. On a side note, I should really look into getting a telephoto lens.

IR Attempt #2
Pine Top Farm
Mon + Bogie
Mon + Bogie

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Goin’ down to Ocala, FL

We took Humphrey Bogart down to Ocala, FL so that he may get start his super saiyan training.

On the way to Ocala, FLHumphrey Bogart
Ocala, FL

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Full Gallop Farm

It was supposed to be a wonderful weekend, but instead it was pretty crappy and cold. As a result I did not have the best of time at the horise show.




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