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Srgt. Skittles on the hunt

It took a few months, but the young cat finally let me approach him without running away. Since Mon found him near the veteran hospital, I like to refer to him as Sargent Skittles as he is quite skiddish.

Srgt. Skittles on the hunt
Srgt. Skittles on the hunt

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Thanksgiving Deliciousness

I was sick as a dog over Thanksgiving. A four day weekend spent on blowing my nose, and trying not to get anyone else sick. Here are some things that were made for the festivities.

Thanksgiving Deliciousness
Thanksgiving Deliciousness
Thanksgiving Deliciousness

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The Night of The 50mm

I met up some of my friends in Midtown for a drink. The rest of the night unfolded into a bachelorette party, driving around in a new car, listening to Paul van Dyk, and playing mini ping pong. I was glad to have my 50mm to snap away some neat bokeh-full shots.





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Sope Creek Model Shoot

My friend Jon and I headed over to Sope Creek with his firend Esther. There we found ants, snakes, mosquittoes and a really nice setting to take portraits.



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At the farm again

As I am not an equestrian professional I decided to spend some quality time playing with my 50mm at the farm.




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