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California Trip 2014 – Redwood and Wine

Armstrong Redwoods State National Park

Now that we were settled in, we started to explore the surrounding area.
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Back In Denver

Good Evening Denver

I had to come back to Denver as the regulators were in town.
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Onward to Terrapin Beer Company

Another day, another friend goes to tie the knot. In order to celebrate Steven and Lora’s engagement, we all went up to Athens to hang out at Terrapin and enjoy the scenery. We had a blast.

Terrapin Beer Company
Terrapin Beer Company
Hazy Athens

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Pre-Grad School Cookout & Parties

Grad school is going to start soon. What a better time to hang out with friends and drink Sweetwater.

Pre Grad School Cookout & PartyPre Grad School Cookout & PartyZandy's Party
Pre Grad School Cookout & Party
Pre Grad School Cookout & Party
Zandy's Party

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Frankfurt, Germany

Before I start my vacation I’m spending a few weeks working abroad with my team. During the first week I got to explore Frankfurt am Main. I was able to use my German for the first time since high school, and surprisingly I was able to accomplish small tasks. My first week can only be described by good beer, and my jaw hitting the floor upon seeing jarred hot dogs.

hotdogs in jars
NordWestZentrum Courtyard Frankfurt at NordWestZentrum

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