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Lokrum Island

Former Benedictine monastery

We spent most of our day on Lokrum, the site where we were to get married tomorrow.
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Back In Zagreb


When I previously mentioned that Zagreb was empty two days ago, I was pretty much wrong.
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Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Today, we had an amazing day of adventure planned out.
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Abandonment in Mlini

Mlini is an interesting town by itself. It has a thriving resort and a few small hotels on one side of the town. On the other side reside three abandoned hotels. These hotels were left after the Balkan wars and are used for military practice and as a hangout for the local kids. Around the town are even more abandoned vacation houses and BnBs. I took one afternoon to walk around and try to capture the essence of these abandoned buildings.

Hotel Astarea
Abandoned Summer Home
Abandoned Hotel
Abandoned Kiosk
Abandoned Hotels

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Given that there is not much to do in Mlini, every other day we would go to Dubrovnik to hang out and eat. Mon and I visited one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, Nista, where we returned several times over the course of the week.

Red Roofs
Sleepy cat
Outside of the city walls
OctopusSlide shotAn Alleyway In Dubrovnik

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