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Denver Adventure Time

My work sent me to Denver, CO, and I had nothing but snow to plow through and vegan food to eat.
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A Wedding in Birmingahm

Birmingham at night

This weekend we went up to Birmingham, AL to see our friends get married. Read the rest of this entry »

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Budapest, Hungary

This weekend I spent my time in Budapest with Mon. She was traveling with her study abroad program and I did not want to be all alone in Frankfurt for my birthday. Budapest was quite an interesting city. The way the mix of commercialism, tourism and local fashion crashed against the old post WW2 buildings was quite intense. It reminded me of Sarajevo a lot. Anyway, we had a great time exploring the city and visiting the touristy sites.

Hungarian Cherries
Faust Wine Cellar
Budapest Sunset
Kiraly Hungarian Restaurant
Budapest Skyline
Buda Castle at night

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Augusta, GA

I spent a week in Augusta doing some work at an industrial client. Turns out, there are some neat things to take pictures of.





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