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Mount Rainier, Washington

It seems that every summer vacation we take, we end up doing something somewhere that’s cold. In this case, we went over to Washington to Mount Rainier. On the actual mountain we were confronted with clouds, and lots of snow. Worst part, we never got to see the top of the mountain due to all the cloudiness.

Mount Ranier
Group picture on Mount Ranier
Cloud formation
Mount Ranier
Picnic on Mount Ranier
Even more Wildflowers

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Multnomah Falls, OR

Interestingly enough I did not take any pictures while in Portland. We mostly ate out and enjoyed people watching. We never did any touristy things in town, so there was nothing much to capture. However, we did go to Multnomah Falls. Our little Ford Focus rental handled the curvy roads like a champ, though I wish I could take my STI out West.

View from Portland Women's Forum Park
wild flowersView from Bridal Veil Scenic ViewpontMultnomah Falls
Multnomah Falls

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On Our Way to Portland

After hanging out in Newport, OR for a few days, we made our way out to Portland. On the way there we stopped by a half dozen wineries and tasted all sorts of wine. The best part of the whole drive was stopping to see the Japanese dock that the tsunami brought over from Japan.

Tsunami Debris On Oregon Coast
Vine Tasting
De Ponte Cellars
Red Hills Market

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Welcome to Oregon

For our summer vacation we went to Oregon to explore the scenery, drink some wine, and look at the hipsters. It was really neat to be out on the West coast as I have never been to the Pacific.

Flowers Gone Wild
Sylvia Beach Hotel's cat
Nye Beach (HDR)
Rogue Ales Public House

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Bogie Dressaging Around

Bogie, Mon’s young horse, has grown quite a lot over the years. She has been training him to start competing, and hopefully he can win some awards soon.

Bogie Dressaging Around
Bogie Dressaging Around
Bogie Dressaging Around
Bogie Dressaging Around

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