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Last day in Frankfurt, Germany

I took a seven hour ICE train from Linz, Austria back to Frankfurt, Germany. I spent the remainder of the week working, and on my last day in Frankfurt, I went to the Frankfurt Neutral History Museum. I had a marvelous time deciphering signs in German and taking pictures of the stuffed animals.

Brids in a cage
Through the bones

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Regensburg, Germany

After hanging out with Verena’s family over the weekend, we took a ICE train to Regensburg where she studies. Regensburg was such a little cute town that reminded me of Italian towns. We had a fun day of exploring, running, and taking pictures.

Danube under Regensburg
Regensburg at night

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Nuernburg, Germany

I had a three day weekend and I took a train from Frankfurt to Nuernburg to see my friend Verena. Her parents let me crash at their place and we spent two days exporing Nuernburg, which was a quite nice change from Frankfurt.

Frankfurt (Main) Hbf
Nuremberg Castle
Nuremberg Underground
At the Beer Garden

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Back in Frankfurt

After the weekend in Budapest, I came back to Germany to do some more work in Frankfurt. I had an opportunity to explore the older part of town with my co-worker. Anyway, through the course of the week I went through a terrible cold and then left on Friday for Nuernburg to see an old friend of mine.

Römerberg Plaza - Roemer Square
Frankfurt + Main River
Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus - Saint Bartholomeus's CathedralFrankfurt (Main) Hbf

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Frankfurt, Germany

Before I start my vacation I’m spending a few weeks working abroad with my team. During the first week I got to explore Frankfurt am Main. I was able to use my German for the first time since high school, and surprisingly I was able to accomplish small tasks. My first week can only be described by good beer, and my jaw hitting the floor upon seeing jarred hot dogs.

hotdogs in jars
NordWestZentrum Courtyard Frankfurt at NordWestZentrum

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