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Priene and Ephesus

The last few days we spent in Turkey we went to Priene and Ephesus. There, we explored the ancient Greek ruins. It was really amazing to explore ruins that are around 2.5k years old!

Ephesus w00t!

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Samos, Greece

We left Ku?adas? for a day to go to Greece. The ferry ride was long and uneventful. When we got to Samos, we took a cab and enjoyed the beach for a few hours.

Vathy's marina
Boats in Pythagoreion
Fish nets

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Fethiye, Turkey

We flew from Istanbul down to Dalamam and then drove our little rental to Fethiye. After relaxing on the beach for two days, we went do Ku?adas? and explored the surrounding area.

Fethiye Sunset
Γ–lΓΌdeniz Beach
Looking over Ku?adas?

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Istanbul, Turkey

We took a Turkish Airlines flight out of Sarajevo to Istanbul. There, we spent four days exploring the city. The amount of history and number of attractions overwhelmed us. Istanbul provided us with so much culture and hospitality. It is one of the places we would definitely go back to.

Obelisk of TheodosiusTower of JusticeApartments of the Queen Mother
Grand Bazzar
Basilica Cistern
MotionAyasofya - Hagia SophiaSultanahmet Camii - Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Sultanahmet Camii - Sultan Ahmed Mosque

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After fourteen years I finally came back to Sarajevo. It was quite strange, yet comforting to be back. It was nice to be back and explore the different places from my youth.

Grbavica + Miljacka
Vegan dinner in Sarajevo
Turkish quarter

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