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Critical Mass June 2009

This was my first time riding Critical Mass this year. There was a quite a large turnout. I managed to bike 18 miles on my mountain bike (Specialized Epic).


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Nolan House

Nolan House is an abandoned house in Bostwick, GA. It’s very empty and somewhat scary.




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Vert Mobie Photoshoot

I did a photo shoot with a start-up company in Atlanta. Check them out at



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Makin’ Food

I was a little bit bored and hungry so I decided to cook some food. I mixed sauteed vegetables with kidney beans, and then added some risotto. I also made vegan friendly corn bread. The original recipe called for eggs and milk. I easily substituted fake eggs and vanilla soy milk. It was delicious.




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Summer Fest

My friend Keith asked me to show him how to use his new camera. I though it would be nice to try it out at a summer concert. We drove over to the highlands and our stroll began. While he was learning how to master his XSi, I was using his Sigma telephoto lens to take some spy shots. The two bands that I saw playing were The Constellations and Manchester Orchestra.





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