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UGA Terry – Ultimate Frisbee Game

With the MBA program tensions were running high between the Mon/Wed cohort and the Tues/Thr cohort. The only way to settle it was with a plastic plate and a field in the Central Park.

UGA Terry  - Ultimate Frisbee
UGA Terry  - Ultimate Frisbee
UGA Terry  - Ultimate Frisbee
UGA Terry  - Ultimate Frisbee

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Onward to Terrapin Beer Company

Another day, another friend goes to tie the knot. In order to celebrate Steven and Lora’s engagement, we all went up to Athens to hang out at Terrapin and enjoy the scenery. We had a blast.

Terrapin Beer Company
Terrapin Beer Company
Hazy Athens

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Snowpocalypse Cometh

From the wonderful 74-degree-ed Miami we arrived in the snowed in Atlanta. Delta was even nice enough to cancel our return flight, and so we had to fight with them to get on an earlier flight.

Snowpocalypse: The Beginning
Snowpocalypse: ATLiens don't know how to drive
Snowpocalypse: How does one drive?

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Trip to Athens

My girlfriend and I went down to Athens to explore the botanical garden, check out the BMX trails, explore the UGA campus, and downtown. It was such a beautiful day.






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